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Thread: Too similar?

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    I absolutely love both names and don't think you need be concerned about the issues you brought up. Lyla and Leah are different enough that if your husband yells out for one of you, you will more often than not be able to tell which one! And Tessa Bea is such a cute little like name.. While I love the name Tessa Beatrice, I have such a sweet spot for Margaret.. so if you were unsure about the middle name you could always throw Tessa Margaret into the mix?

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    I also like the suggetion of Tessa Margaret. You could call her Tessa Mae, which I think is even cuter than Tessa Bea.

    As for Lyla/Leah, I have to admit, I do think it's rather close, but possibly okay. Right on the borderline for me.
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    I think Lyla is much too close. I must say that I prefer Beatrice as her first name (such a wonderful name... makes me think of "Much Ado About Nothing"), esp. for Bea... But Tessa Beatrice is nice, too...
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    I don't think Leah and Lyla are too close, but I do prefer Tessa Beatrice. Gorgeous!
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