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    I love my daughter's name, particularly her full name. (If only we used middle names more...) I wonder sometimes if I should have gone with another option. I was strongly considering Louisa nn Lulu, and sometimes I feel like her personality is a little more Lulu than it is Bea.

    At least if the Kim Kardashian baby ends up being a Bea name, I have an option for the legal name change that I would definitely carry out.
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    Loving Margaret (nn Maisie), Louisa (nn Lulu), and Frederick (nn Fritz) for future children.

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    @mcdonak - Would you consider changing Beatrix's name to Louisa? I think Beatrix is adorable! Louisa is lovely, too. Can I ask what her middle name is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanie413 View Post
    I also am even more in love with Rowan's name now than I was then. I can't believe I almost let someone ruin it for me while I was pregnant. And giving her the mn Josephine was a last minute decision but came so naturally since both my SO and my grandfathers were named Joseph. I am admittedly less in love with my new baby's name. I never felt like I could top Rowan Josephine. But I dont think i'll regret it later in life since it goes so nicely with Rowan and the meaning behind the name is personal. And now that she's here I see that it suits her to a 'T' (no pun intended).
    I think if I just picked names influenced by trend then I might regret it down the line. I think naming another human is a big honor and shouldn't be taken lightly. I will always have a love for names. And a part of me is a bit sad that this may be it, but who knows, maybe i'll be asked for advice one day and there will be a little Freya, Clover, Guinevere, Huxley, Lennon, Declan or Acacia running around in my life.
    Congrats! I must have missed your announcement. Are you pronouncing Teagan TAY-gan or TEE-gan?

    It is really hard to follow Rowan, I'm actually pretty nervous about it. What if I never love another name as much as I do Rowan?
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    I have 5 and the only one I sometimes I have regrets about is Katharine. We were going to call her Kate but it became Katie which I tired of after a couple of years. I successfully transitioned her to her full name but I do feel that her name's a bit more regal than our taste really is. Maybe someday she'll want to go by Kate but for now she is certainly a Katharine. It fits her to a tee.
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    Yes, I still love my daughter's name. Well, she is only a month but I have already hammy second thoughts about her middle name. I never had trouble with her first name, it has been my favorite for years, I was just not sure if I am brave enough to use it but I was so now we get tons of compliments, yay! On the other hand, I doubted her middle name really hard. We picked Nelly's full name literally in the hospital and I was completely mad with going home outfit, feeding and all newborn stuff so I didn't have time to overthink names.
    Actually, after I got a lot of support from ladies here, I made sure I have done my best so I don't regret her name. I do love some other names now though I don't compare them but add to my list for future kids.
    I asked my mom too and she says she never wishes I had other name. She is not a nerd and I do have #1 name in popularity among my peers but she still loves it and thinks it's only mine. Not really mine but that's another story.

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