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    I love each and every one of my children's names and wouldn't change any of them. However, there are times I wonder about other names I liked at the time and what they would look like on them, but overall no, I have no name regrets at all.
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    I love Mila but it has risen from ~370 to 30 in NZ since 2009 (last stats available when we named her) which horrifies me! She is Mila to me now though, I will always love the name because it is my daughter's. Arden I just love, love love with no reservations. So happy with it.
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    I also am even more in love with Rowan's name now than I was then. I can't believe I almost let someone ruin it for me while I was pregnant. And giving her the mn Josephine was a last minute decision but came so naturally since both my SO and my grandfathers were named Joseph. I am admittedly less in love with my new baby's name. I never felt like I could top Rowan Josephine. But I dont think i'll regret it later in life since it goes so nicely with Rowan and the meaning behind the name is personal. And now that she's here I see that it suits her to a 'T' (no pun intended).
    I think if I just picked names influenced by trend then I might regret it down the line. I think naming another human is a big honor and shouldn't be taken lightly. I will always have a love for names. And a part of me is a bit sad that this may be it, but who knows, maybe i'll be asked for advice one day and there will be a little Freya, Clover, Guinevere, Huxley, Lennon, Declan or Acacia running around in my life.
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    I love Ramona Mae's name more than ever. I actually have fallen in love with it more since I got pregnant with #2. Whenever we start thinking of girls names (don't know what we are having yet) I cannot find anything I like as much.
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    I still love all of my kids names. I also am one to think about how they would fit with the other names we considered but overall I am glad we choose them and they do fit them well.
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