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    I love my childrens names more now than I did when I picked them because I associate them with my children. It took me a long time to come to terms with our eldest name as it was picked by his father, but I suddenly found myself falling head of heels in love with it.

    They couldn't be other than who they are. Our youngest has become a very popular name and although I used to care a GREAT deal and still hopes it stay out of the UK top 10 (looking unlikely) I adore it. Its a great name (imo) and just as special to me as his brothers (which isn't in the UK top 100)

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    I love Calla's name, totally and utterly.
    Aidan's name I love, but hate that it's so popular and common (luckily not where we live). I wouldn't use it now if I was renaming him.
    Finn's name was DP's choice. I've never been 100% sold, but it does suit him. I'd go for something longer now and use Finn as a nn.
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    I still love Autumn Elizabeth and would re name her that without hesitation! I considered it a understated elegant name when I chose it (22 years ago) and I still do today. I never saw Ted and when I read (here, I think) that the movie called it a stripper name I was shocked.

    Patrick Alexander, Love it also. Considering that Patrick was never in my thoughts until I saw him. (he was supposed to be Alexander Hugh)

    Nicholas Ivan I would probably change. That was a "What was I thinking" moment of time!
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    I definitely still love my girls names, and would call them the same names again. Jessica Alexandra and Jemima Natalie - the names fit them, and people comment on them. Jessica was popular but had dropped down the charts by the time my Jessica was born. I'd love to have more children, because I have more favorite names to give, but that isn't in the cards, unfortunately.

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    I still love my son's name (he is 3). To be honest we had a terrible time coming up with a boy name and only ever had 2 names we were deciding on. The name we didn't go with would still work in my opinion but I love his name and am happy with our choice. My mother did tell me she did not like what she named me anymore because she feels it is too childish (has an -ee sound ending like Molly, which she thinks is juvenile sounding).

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