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    Question for Moms about baby names

    I brought this up with my mom the other day. My name is Caroline, and we were talking about names I liked since she knows were TTC. She was giving me suggestions so I asked her- do you still like the name you gave me or would you change it? She said she liked it and it was still one of her favorites, but theres new ones she also likes.
    So my question to you moms is, do you still love your childs name as much as you did when you chose it or did your tastes change over the years and fall out of love with the name you chose? Obviously you would like the name because your child has it but is it still a favorite?
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    So my two little bumble bees are Alice and Harry. I truly adore the name Alice and I still don't think I have any other name that I love as much as her name and it suits her perfectly. Harry on the other hand.......well, it was my husband's choice completely. I do like it and my adorable little boy is simply my Harry. But if it was me, I wouldn't have chosen it. Having said that, I couldn't tell you what I would have called him otherwise as he is simply Harry to me now and even when we discussed boys names, it wasn't actually a discussion as my husband said nope, he always wanted a little boy called Harry. Also, its so bloody popular these days it drives me crazy!! Every second boy I meet is called Harry!! And while I don't have an issue with popularity, it just kinda bugs me!
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    I actually love Rowan more now, I didn't think that was possible since it has been my favorite name literally since childhood, but I love it more now than ever. It was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made.
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    Well, I can't respond from the point of view as a mother, but I can respond from the point of view as a daughter!

    I've asked my mum this same question and she said she still adores my name (Sarah). She said when she was pregnant and choosing names, Sarah was always her favourite. Even thought she considered other names, she kept coming back to Sarah. So that's what they named me! However, during her pregnancy, my dad loved the name Kelly. I think my parents were pretty split between Sarah and Kelly for a while there, but my dad relented in the end. I've asked my dad if he still loves Kelly and he said he doesn't like it much anymore so it's a good thing they chose Sarah!

    The story is similar for my brother, David. It was always my mum's favourite, they considered other names, but still kept coming back to David. In the end, they were choosing between David and Stephen and went for David so our first names wouldn't start with the same letter. Side note: If David had been a girl, he would have been named Anna (Kelly didn't even get a look in second time around!).
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    I'm still in love with Zelda, I'm surprised how lovely it looks written with every paper I have to fill and how perfectly it sounds every time I call my daughter. I hope it will be the same with Dashiell, who is newborn. When I say his name I am really satsfied with my choice. I have many name crushes, but no name can take the the place my kids names have for me.
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