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    I am constantly worrying that the names I love are going to be too popular to use by the time I begin to have children, so I know how you feel. However, I think if you really love a name, popularity shouldn't matter - at least try and not let it matter as much.

    While I don't hate any of your choices, the only one I truly like is Hazel. Hazel Marie and Delilah June are lovely combinations.

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    Penelope may be headed for stardom and I have met 2 under 5. I have never met a little Hazel or Delilah. Delilah is my fav of your choices
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    Quote Originally Posted by je m'appelle... View Post
    I do not think any of those names are becoming excessively popular. Penelope is certainly growing rapidly, as it was not even in the top 1000 names in 2000 and today has a rank of 125. However, in the past few years, it has slowed down a bit, increasing it's rank by about 40 places each year. I cannot imagine Penelope reaching a rank much higher than 100, but I understand why this may concern you. Also, I don't really know very much about the Kardashians, so my first association with Penelope is Penelope Cruz.

    Delilah has also grown rapidly in recent years, starting out not even ranked before 1996 and now at 154. However, Delilah had already reached 193 by 2008 and has grown at a relatively slow pace sense then, so I do not think you should have to worry much about Delilah becoming any more popular.

    Hazel has the same problem as Penelope and Delilah. It was not even ranked until 1998 and is now ranked at 175. Again, I cannot see Hazel getting much more popular than the 100th place, but that is just my own speculation.

    I wouldn't worry so much about these names getting too popular. Their growth has slowed down in recent years, so unless there is a character or new celebrity that rapidly increases the popularity of these names, you are probably safe.

    From your combos, I adore Hazel June Marie. Because the names are relatively short, I think Hazel June Marie looks more complete than just Hazel Marie, although I usually prefer one middle name to two. Penelope Juliet is also gorgeous. As for the Delilah combination, I prefer Delilah June, but Delilah Mae Juliet is pretty too.
    Thank you for the break down of each name that has helped a lot! I totally agree with you in terms of popularity should not effect us choosing a name. I just never had to deal with being called my first name and last since my name was not popular at the time. So I want that for my child. Hazel June Marie is my favorite out of the combos him and I have created. I chose Delilah Mae Juliet because I tend to think into the future a lot. If we went with Hazel June Marie and had a second girl I would keep the tradition of two middles. Which both second middles (Marie and Juliet) are meaningful.
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    Hazel June Marie - I really like this combination, I love the name Hazel and the three names balance out nicely.

    Hazel Marie - I prefer Hazel June Marie as I think it sounds a lot more complete than just Hazel Marie.

    Penelope Juliet - This is my favourite of your combinations, I don't really think of the Kardashian baby when I see Penelope because I have very little knowledge on them at all. I adore Penelope, it is a name that I would use in a heartbeat, but I have a cousin called Penny so it's off the table for me. I love hearing of people called Penelope though as it is such a beautiful name and Penelope Juliet is gorgeous.

    Delilah Mae Juliet - I love Delilah and I love Juliet, but I have a personal vendetta against the Mae spelling. I just much prefer the May spelling, it feels a lot more classic to me (and I personally have a family connection to the name) and somehow it has let to me almost hating the Mae spelling (I'm being weird, I know). That aside, the three names together sounds lovely.

    Delilah June - This is probably my second favourite of your combinations, it just sounds so calm and lovely but strong and beautiful at the same time.

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    I like Hazel best of the three choices. I can see Penelope's popularity skyrocketing over the next few years, but I doubt Hazel will reach the top 100. Delilah is nice, but there are so many Lila/Lyla names out there, Delilah just doesn't stand out to me.

    If he likes Penelope and Delilah, perhaps he'd also like Phoebe and Delia?

    I do love Hazel though - any of the middle names you've listed would "go" with Hazel.

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