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    Do you think Mattie for Matilda is avoidable?

    I really dislike nicknames for the most part. If we absolutely felt she needed a nick name we would go for Tilda or Tilly. My daughter thinks Tildy or Matildy are cute as well. (Matildy a just for fun kinda nick name lol)

    We truly dislike the name Mattie though and that's the biggest stressor of using this name. We could introdue her early on as Matilda or Tilly for short or correct people. But I know from experience some people don't listen to correction. I'm a Samantha who prefers Samantha and can stand Sammy but hates Sam. I get called Sam daily though.

    Do you think though in This day and age, she might be able to avoid nick names all together and just be a lil Matilda

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    Personally I love Mattie... but to each her own! If it were me, I would feel it is too risky to use a name where I really don't like one of the obvious nicknames. You cannot control what your child likes or what get's said at school.

    Unless you ONLY called her Tilly, and not even Matilda on a regular basis, I think it is risky.
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    I think as long as you offer the "nicknamer" types something shorter it will probably stick. Tildie, Tillie or Millie all seem just as intuitive to me as Mattie. I think Millie would come to mind first cause I associate Mattie (Maddie) with Madison.

    Of course, you never know, she might end up choosing to go by Mattie one day. If it really makes you crazy maybe you should pick a different name.

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    I have a daughter Matilda, she's 13 months now and she goes only by Matilda. I'm not a big nickname person and like you if I really felt she needed a nickname I'd probably just go with Tilda, because its the closest to Matilda.

    Anyway, I don't think Mattie is unavoidable at all.

    I have had a few people ask me "oh, do you call her Mattie?" and I say no, just Matilda. Most people don't even ask and just call her Matilda after I introduce her as Matilda. I don't think Matilda to Mattie is as unavoidable as Samantha to Sam. I do know that some day in the future maybe Matilda will decide she doesn't like Matilda and wants to be called Mattie, things like that you can't predict, and I'd be okay with it if it were her choice. But at least so far we have succeeded in having a Matilda without a nickname.

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    I have a little Matilda,.. I love her name so much that we call her by her full name most of the time but she also gets Tildie and Tilly... I can see her growing into Tilda!! I have had two friends (out of 50 or so) who began calling her Mattie/Maddy and as soon as they did I said 'we call her Tilly for short'..and that was it! Tilly is as intuitive for Matilda as Mattie, and if you correct people....I don't think there will be an issue at all!

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