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    Help! DH and I in Disagreement...

    We are going with the name Violet and have not figured out a middle name for weeks. DH likes Violet Lynn (after me) but obviously that doesn't work because of the excess L sound and it also sounds like violin. Now I am completely in love with Violet Gwendolyn but DH knew a (trashy) girl named Gwen so would only agree to it if we spelled it Gwindolyn or Gwyndolyn... but then he says he didn't like the name, urg.

    I guess my first question is is Gwindolyn or Gwyndolyn alternative spellings or completely made up?

    My next question is... do you have any other (similar) suggestions? I want a classy/sophisticated middle name. Thanks!

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    I like it spelled Gwyndolyn, doesnt look too made up to me but I am not sure of the origins. I adore Violet. Heres some suggestions:
    Violet Amelia (or Emilia)
    Violet Katherine
    Violet Serena
    Violet Giuliana (Juliana)
    Violet Olivia
    Violet Elizabeth
    Violet Callista
    Violet Elena
    Violet Danica
    Violet Cora
    Violet Nora
    Violet Isabel
    Violet Alessandra
    Violet Seraphina (I know Jennifer Garners babies are Violet and Seraphina but they sound okay together too haha)
    Violet Grace
    Violet Penelope
    Violet Ophelia
    Had our Emilia in April 2014

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    My favorite names need to be updated LOL

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    How about Gwenyth/Gwyneth?

    Violet Reese
    Violet Ruth
    Violet Matilda
    Violet Madelyne
    Violet Gianna
    Violet Francis
    Violet Yvonne
    Violet Esther
    Violet Edith
    Violet Rhiannon

    Names with Lynn:

    _aelynn (Raelynn, Maelynn, Taelynn...)

    Those all sound kind of trendy/cutesy, but they have a nice bit of meaning to them without the clumsy Violet Lynn (Which is cute but kind of hard to say). Also, tacking Lynn onto something gives you the opportunity to honor another family member if you can squish them together. Maybe your mother, or his, or an aunt? Heck, what's his name?

    I think that Violet Saralynn is beautiful, and definitely stays on the classy side of things. My favorite from the random suggestions is Violet Rhiannon.
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    Violet is beautiful, I love it.

    I really don't like the spelling variations for Gwendolyn. Maybe about it altogether and use another LYN name.

    Violet Adelyn
    Violet Madelyn
    Violet Marilyn
    Violet Carolyn
    Violet Emmelyn
    Violet Katelyn
    Violet Lynette
    Violet Lyndelle

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