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    Astrid Rhodora
    Astrid Rhea

    I love the rh of these names and Rhonda. Rhodora, especially, is very reminicent of your mother's name and flows beautifully with Astrid. It's one of my favorites these days.

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    I love Astrid.

    As far as an honor name, why don't you tell your mother that you'd like to honor her and ask her to help pick a middle based on something that's important to her? A book she loved, her favorite flower, a name she treasures. Something you can both agree on.

    Every step away from the actual name lessens the honor somewhat. See Swistle:

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    Astrid Renada?

    My moms name is Rhonda too, she gave me the middle name Renae. I think that fits well for a Rhonda too.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    My first thoughts were Rhonwen or Rhoda. I second the idea of asking your mother for suggestions. Allowing her to choose a name she loves for the middle spot could be just as special as using an honor name.

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