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    A name to honour Rhonda


    My husband and I are brainstorming girls' names.

    We already have a son, and a possible second son is all-but-named, but we have issues with girls' names.

    We LOVE the name Astrid, and by happy coincidence, it has a very similar meaning to my MIL's name, Dianne.

    I had been wanting a "family" name, as our son has my maiden name in the middle, so this puts Astrid in #1 spot for a possible daughter.

    However, in the spirit of fairness, I would like to see what there is that could maybe honour my mum? She does't have a middle name, and her maiden name is very common (think, Jones, but even more so), so all I have to work with is Rhonda.

    Maybe something that has a related meaning ("noisy one", or at a stretch, the Rhondda Valley), or even just the initial R.
    It would have to flow with Astrid, and it can't be Rhiana (or similar), as that is too like my sister's name.

    I haven't had much luck, but I may be thinking too literally. Please help?

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