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    Okay so I have an idea for a story and I am having a bit of name trouble for one of the main characters. This particular one is a teenage guy, maybe 15 or so, who is a computer hacker. He is introverted, dark, antisocial, OCD, a smart kid who does not have the patience to do well in school. In fact, he does not have much patience at all. He is manipulative and a good liar. He is a pervert, he looks at online porn, and he has a crush on the main character. He has a bad past which has scarred him. He comes of age during the story. So yeah, help! I need something dark and intelligent sounding, with just the right amount of "slime". I don't want anything like Albert, because that's just nerdy. The likeness of Melvin is getting there, but needs to sound just a little cooler. I don't want Sammy either, because that is too slimy. And I don't want something like "Fang" that sounds too...sci fi sexy. Nothing too preppy either (ex: Chris). And it needs to be on the map, if you know what I a name that exists and has been used. Sorry for the pickiness! My character names usually come to me in a snap, but this one has not!

    Thanks in advance!


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    Alistair or Jordan come to mind.
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