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    Twin names I've just heard

    I think this may be the first non-Bump related post but I had to share. My mother was talking to some friends and one of them mentioned twins she had met over the weekend.

    They are Leo and Emma. Nice enough names but their full names are:

    Leon@rdo Vincent and Emm@ Leigh

    My mom said she just shook her head and tsked. I can't help but feel that the names are totally unbalanced. What do you think?

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    Emma Leigh is awful. I like Emily but Emma Leigh...
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    I like Leo and Emma together, very cute!

    However, Emma Leigh is awful and too plain next to her brother. And Leonardo Vincent makes me think of Leonardo da Vinci
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    I think it works, not amazing together but Leo and Emma is cute. However the combo Emma Leigh part is just bad. Why not just name her Emily?
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    I agree that Emma Leigh is kinda horrid, but Leonardo Vincent isn't all that bad. But Leo and Emma are absolutely adorable together. At least in my opinion.
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