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Thread: How bout Delia?

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    How bout Delia?

    Thanks to all of you who responded to my post earlier today! Some great suggestions and unfortunately many ones that I love but cannot use for one reason or another. Still stumped! Anyone who'e not familiar with me, I was really going for an Irish or at least Irish sounding name to honor our family's roots. Our other children do not have authentic Irish names so that's not necessary for baby #3. Stepson Mason has an Irish middle, and my daughter is Brenna. Both a little modern but not "out there." In a rare moment earlier, my husband actually suggested a girls name (all I ever hear from him are boys' suggestions, if any). He likes Delia. It doesn't have an Irish feel, but I thought about pairing it with an Irish name like Maeve and started to like it.. Delia Maeve. What do you think? Is the first name way too Greek sounding to go with my other kids and our "Mc" last name?

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    Delia Maeve sounds gorgeous to me! I love both of those names. I think Delia will sound fine with your last name.

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    My great grandmother's name was Delia and she was very Irish...Delia McCurry. I think Delia Maeve is a great combo and it sounds nice with Mason and Brenna as well. And if you and your hubby have actually agreed on a name I say go for it!

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    I know a Delia MacN____ (she's older) and it's a lovely sounding name. Delia Maeve is lovely, and it sounds great as a sibset

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    We are an Irish family and my aunt's name is Delia. I have always loved it and thought she got the best name of the seven siblings. Delia Maeve is wonderful.
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