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Thread: Too similar?

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    Too similar?

    My husband and I have agreed on 2 names: Lyla Margaret and Tessa Beatrice. Both middle names are family names. I love Lyla Margaret however my first name is Leah so I am worried they are too similar. What do you think? And Beatrice, I am not loving however I love the name Tessa Bea. My husband said if we are going to use family names, we should use the full name and we can call her Tessa Bea (he's already calling her Bea). What do you think? Which do you prefer? I appreciate your opinions!! Thank you

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    They are a bit similar sounding..but I dont think that's a problem. My name is Marianne and mother's middle name is Marie. (Basically variants of the same name). I know other people have used their name or middle name for their children. It's not too weird. Though Tessa Bea is pretty cute.

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    Lyla and Leah are similar, but not much. But if you chose Tessa, chose Tessa Beatrice, it's lovely.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I just have to say how much I love Tessa Beatrice! <swoon>

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    Thanks you for your thoughts ladies!!

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