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    Baby brother for Nolan and Emmett

    Baby boy #3 is a boy and as usual the hubby and I can't agree on a name. So far we like:


    These aren't a solid possibility though. Middle name will be Kenning after my husband's grandfather. Would love other suggestions. I need a longer list of possibilities to a show him. We do prefer names that aren't too popular.

    Brothers are Nolan Scott and Emmett Mitchell.

    Anyone want to play?

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    Those two made a great pair. How about something ending in R or D. Carter is a great suggestion, though I guess it doesn't go so well with Kenning. Sawyer? I like Reed too, and Wesley. Seamus Kenning? Brad?

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    Maybe Gustav Kenning? I think that would go well with Nolan, and Emmet too

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    Depends on the surname, but I think I'd go for Lucas Kenning... Lucas is quite popular, though...

    Asher Kenning
    Brady Kenning/ Brody Kenning
    Braxton Kenning
    Booker Kenning
    Archer Kenning
    Bridger Kenning
    Callum Kenning
    Forrest Kenning
    Fraser Kenning
    Finn Kenning
    Malcolm Kenning ***
    Griffin Kenning
    Declan Kenning
    Heath Kenning
    Ian Kenning
    Jasper Kenning
    Jude Kenning
    Judah Kenning
    Levi Kenning
    Landon Kenning
    Logan Kenning
    Leo Kenning
    Leon Kenning
    Malachy Kenning
    Miles Kenning
    Conley Kenning
    Ogden Kenning
    Orion Kenning
    Oskar Kenning
    Beckett Kenning
    Conall Kenning
    Porter Kenning
    Rhys Kenning
    Ross Kenning
    Reid Kenning
    Reuben Kenning
    Russell Kenning
    Soren Kenning
    Seth Kenning
    Tate Kenning
    Tiernan Kenning
    Teague Kenning
    Toby Kenning
    Tristan Kenning
    Tucker Kenning
    Weston Kenning
    Easton Kenning
    Wesley Kenning
    Wilder Kenning
    Zane Kenning
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