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    I think the R's run together in Cora Rose and takes away a bit of the charm for me. Both are lovely names, but they don't seem to work together. Perhaps try using two middles to break up Cora and Rose. Cora Vivienne Rose for example. You could also use a name that means Rose, such as Cora Bellerose or Cora Briallen.
    Ohh, I love Cora Vivienne, my husband's grandma who he was really close to was Vivian. I wanted to incorporate his family in the name some because our other kids' middle names are more connected to my family. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    While Rose isn't my favorite, I do like the sound of a one syllable middle name with Cora.
    Cora Faye/Fay
    Cora Leigh
    Cora Mae/May
    Cora Anne
    Cora Rea

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    Have you tried other Rose names to honor your SIL?
    Cora Rosalie
    Cora Rosaline, etc? I quite like Cora Rosalie
    Cora Noelle
    Cora Shae
    Cora Valentina
    Cora Julianna
    Cora Penelope
    Cora Annabelle
    Cora Mia
    Cora Grace

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    I wouldn't choose two so short names, but Cora Vivienne as the other poster suggested was beautiful. I also like Cora Christine (CC!), Cora Marie and Cora Jeanette.

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