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    Is this sibset ok?

    So today was a break through. My husband and I finally agree on three names!! I don't know why girls names are so hard for us. So even though it's only three names, that is a great number for us to start with! Now the other thing I have to address is, do they match? I have a few more names that are maybe's but I just don't feel like any of them go with one another. So I'm asking you to tell me what you think. The combos I have down are the one's I think go well with each other but I want to hear what you all say. The only thing is the middle names have to stay and have to be in the order listed since they are family names. So here they are...

    Scarlett (Lettie) Megan (My middle name)

    Astrid Dolores (My Grandmother's first name)

    Cora Helen (My DH's Grandmother's first name)

    Do these firsts go together and with the middle names we have picked out? Thanks for looking!

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    Scarlett, Astrid and Cora are all very pretty names! If it were me, I'd change Astrid Dolores and Cora Helen so it were Cora Dolores and Astrid Helen, just because the two ds at the end of Astrid and the beginning of Dolores clash (that would drive me nuts!). Otherwise, I love it! Cora does have a little less sass than Scarlett and Astrid, but that's okay.

    So overall, yes.
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    I think the style and sound of Cora Helen works nicely I agree with the other poster on the two "d" sounds running into each other on Astrid Dolores. Also, I think there's a little bit of a style mismatch. What about Astrid Megan and Scarlett Dolores?
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    This is why I ask you guys!!
    I thought about the two D's clashing. At first I kind of liked it because it felt spunky but I get if it sounds to harsh. Esp. when our last name starts with a D. That's a lot of D's!!
    So @namelover77: Thanks for pointing that out and starting the mix matching. You are right that Cora is a little more sweet than the others but my DH loves it.
    @tawnysaurus: I'm glad you like Cora Helen. It would be nice if people thought that worked well because DH picked it out! I actually really like Scarlett Dolores. I know most people don't like Dolores but being a family name it hold significance. I think the Scarlett really makes it interesting. I also like Astrid Megan which is the name my DH wanted to use first even though he picked out Cora. I don't know why, I was just so stuck on the three names in those orders.
    So thanks for both of your opinions. You've given me something to think about!

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    The combos flow. Style-wise I think the FN's go together, though in how common they are, they are kind of all over the charts. The middle names are honoring, so not much one can say about that. Megan is more modern than the others but that's all I can come up with as feedback.
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