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    Smile Please help us decide our girls name!

    We really need help choosing a name, we can not decide over:
    Alyssa Skylann
    Kaylee Jennelle
    Stephanie Kaelyn
    Trinity Makenna
    Haylee Deema

    Please do not make fun of my names.
    Tell me which ones you like, which ones you dont, and give me reasons, thank you.

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    If I'm honest, i'm not overly keen on any of them.

    I like Alyssa, but not Skylann.

    Kaylee - im neutral, but not keen on Jenelle

    Stephanie - bad association. Not the names fault. Kaelyn, the spelling puts me off

    Haylee Deema - I don't like the 2 x ee and not sure about Deema. Hailey looks better to me too. What about Hailey Makenna?

    Trinity Makenna seems like the best match of the bunch and by far my fav. =)

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    Not making fun, but honestly they all seem a little trendy to me...mainly because of the spelling. I'm not a huge fan of using an e where traditionally people would us a y like in Haylee and Kaelyn. I'd probably say that the first names I think are best of the bunch are Alyssa and Stephanie, but I'm not wild about Skylann or Kaelyn. My least favorite by far would be Trinity. Way too trendy for me.

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    Trinity McKenna is my favorite. The others are just okay. I prefer the spelling Dima. Hailey Dima would be my second choice.
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    Alyssa Skylann
    Kaylee Skylann
    Stephanie Skylann
    Trinity Skylann
    Haylee Skylann

    o_o Skylann is such a cool middle name! It feels kind of steampunk to me. Of all the names I like Trinity, Haylee, and Alyssa best.
    I like Trinity and Alyssa best of all.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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