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    Rosalin Artemisia Lux is a stunning combo, I would prefer Rosalind as fn.
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    Lovely combo. I have a baby Rosalind so I might be a little biased .

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    May I suggest Lillith Artemisia? I don't think that Rosalin and Lux goes well with Artemisia. If you want three names then maybe Lilith Artemisia Rosalind?

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    Lilith would never be a first name - my partner doesn't like it. I suggested Lilith with both our boys and its gotten a resounding NO both times and every time after that

    And although I know its popular on NB i don't particularly like the flow of three long names, but more a first, middle and a one syllable third to tie it all together.

    The options really is between Rosalin or Rosalie.

    Noa and Rosa are the only names we have consistently liked throughout our baby naming journeys, but as we named our youngest son Noah that former is out of the question, which leaves Rosa, but we like it better with -lie or -lin on. Rosaline and Rosamund aren't favourites either.
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    It's ahr-tuh-MIZ-ee-uh. Not a native Greek speaker, but I did study the classics and know Greek, as well as ancient history and art history, and this is how the profs at Oxford said it.

    I love the name, it's actually one of the names I've put on my mental list for my little seed. I love Artemisia I of Capria, she was seriously cool (a naval commander!); Artemisia II of Capria who had built the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and Gentileschi (although not my fav, she was indeed amazing). Good name, great namesakes.
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