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    Loving it for a middle name option

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    I think Artemisia is stunning! I really like your combo though I prefer Rosalind or Rosalie slightly to Rosalin. Rosalin is pretty but to me personally its missing something. I could see Atremisia paired with Flora, Isobel or Beatrix too from your list!! Also, I think combo Artemisia Snow would also be totally amazing albeit a little out there! Perhaps Rosalie/Rosalind Artemisia Snow is more wearable...though Lux is gorgeous too!

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    I love Artemisia. Actually, Rosalin's the one I'm not keen on - Rosalind, in my opinion, is infinitely better.

    Good luck!
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    I get your Rosalind part - problem is, I absolutely loathe the -d sound at the end of the name, which is why we removed it. I'm not native English speaker and we pronounce it as we'd do in my native language. I know we already 'technically' pronounce it wrong, so to put a -d on there and then confuse the native Brits even further by saying its a silent d, I think will be name pronunciation overload.

    My partner is very keen on using Lux as it honours his brother who he is very close to. I think on a whole, I prefer Snow to Lux, but sentimental value > preference generally.

    Rosalie is definitely still very much in the running too. My partner has a very slight preference to Rosalin, which is why we've kept this as first option - but I have myself been wondering very much lately whether Rosalie is the more wearable option, especially if we are going with Artemisia and Lux, or Snow.
    Defo good options too though;
    Rosalie Artemisia Snow
    Rosalie Artemisia Lux

    I absolutely adore Flora! But my partner doesn't... Still, I keep it on my list in case he has a sudden change of heart! Beatrix and Isobel are really only middle name options, although both are beautiful names.
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    Oh and RE pronounciation - I think it depends very much on were you are from.

    I'm not quite sure how native Greek would pronounce it (do we have any here)? But from my own understanding of the Greek language it would be either ar-teh-me-sha/sja or Ar-teh-me-si-ah, all the pronunciations I have found online say it like I do, with sia on the end. The botanical name may be pronounced differently.

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