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    Honest, but gentle, opinions on this name

    I absolutely love this name - I've always adored it, but been too afraid to use it. I have a massive love for Greek names in general, especially after I lived in Greece for some time.

    The name is Artemisia. (ar-teh-mi-si-ah)

    I know some people think its too frilly and too much name - and most prefer Artemis, but I love the story behind the name. Some would see it as negative, but like the name Lilith (another love of mine) I see the bearers of this name as real heroines of women. A queen, a naval commander and a famous painter - achiving things that should've been impossible to women!

    I wouldn't use it as a first name - but was thinking of using it with Rosalin (rose-a-lin).

    Rosalin Artemisia Lux

    Our last name isn't long and the name together isn't longer than my name, so length doesn't bother me. But.. I'm still afraid to use it. More for my potential daughters sake. Is it a horrible name? Again, please be gentle. I know it won't fall in most peoples taste!
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    I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I wouldn't be brave enough to use it but in a middle name spot I think it could be pulled off. Especially if you use similar names for siblings and they all kinda mesh together it would work, I think.

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    Our two boys both have Greek middle names, although much more commonly known.

    Lux is after my partners brother, Luke, btw.
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    Oh, I adore Artemisia! It's on my potential middle names list. Artemis is cool, too, but it does sound a bit masculine, and I tend not to be fond of girls' names that end with an "s" sound. I think Rosalin Artemisia Lux is amazing.
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    Its not my cup of tea. It seems to me like one of those names that sounds fantastic and exotic when a native speaker says it or when I pronounce it in my head, but saying it out loud it just doesn't come out right. It just seems more like a guilty pleasure name than a name to really use.

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