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    What about Malcolm, Caspian, Toby, Reid, Jasper, Cyrus, Darius, Dominic, or Rhys? These all seem to be in between modern and classic to me... Peter and Calvin both seem quite classic... do those not work? Alexander, nn Xan or Xander would be quite modern... William has the modern nn Liam. Christopher could go by the nn Topher... John has the nn Jack, which is now considered modern. There's also Theodore nn Theo, Lincoln nn Linc, Sullivan nn Van or Ivan or Sully, Ezra, Colin, Sebastian nn Ian...
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    My first thought was that Noah and James seem like they wouldn't be out of place on his list either. Nathaniel is a nice suggestion too. I also love circus85's suggestions of Luke. What about Jonah/Jonas?

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    Lots of gorgeous names!! Cant wait to write them down- Rhys is on my list but he thinks the spelling is "absurd" and "no one would be able to pronounce it" meanwhile it's the actual, original spelling and I love it. :roll:
    Malcolm is nice, and I also like Jasper, Jonas, and Dominic. I have a feeling I can get a compromise out of him with one of these. Awesome suggestions.
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