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    ...You could always seek feedback from an actual rabbi if it concerns you. Friends might sugar coat the truth or they just might not be very Jewish Jewish people! You might as well ask someone with no personal connection to you.
    This is a good idea. I have only one friend of a Jewish background whom I really talk to, and he doesn't take his upbringing very seriously. He calls me by the name in question affectionately sometimes, and probably couldn't refer me to other people to ask, because we don't live on the same continent!

    I think I will look for a local Jewish cultural center or something along those lines to find direction.
    mother told me never to share a name before i used it.

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    I've never thought of Seth as just a Jewish name. There are plenty of Hebrew/Biblical origin names that all people, whether or not they're Jewish or Christian use. I think it's totally fine.

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