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    I think it depends on the name. I am not Jewish, but my husband was raised Jewish & my in-laws are religious. If your name is Chloe & you think Cohen would be a more distinct choice or if you're Tara and you think Torah has a nicer sound, it could offend some! Those are bold examples. Some names I do think of as overtly "Jewish" so people might make assumptions. Like if you're LeAnn and you want to become Leott. Not necessarily a bad or offensive thing, but it might give some people pause. I think if a Jewish person met a girl named Leott they would just assume that you grew up with the same religious/cultural experience as them. Knowing the name would help you get a better feel for people's reactions. You could always seek feedback from an actual rabbi if it concerns you. Friends might sugar coat the truth or they just might not be very Jewish Jewish people! You might as well ask someone with no personal connection to you.

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    I have a super Jewish name. I've had people (usually) professors ask if it was Jewish. Nobody's asked me if I'm Jewish. Which, technically I'm not. My dad is, but I do not practice and I never had my bat mitzvah.

    Taz made some good points. Do some googling and see if the name you like is considered holy or special. If it's something like Naomi then that's fine. It's a widely used Biblical figure.
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    I really adore the name Seth, but I have only ever heard it used on Jewish boys. I'm not Jewish, neither is my husband, so I never even mention it for the exact reasons you said. I wouldn't want to offend anyone and also it's quite stereotypical where I am from for people to just assume that "Seth" would be Jewish. I know a girl named Leat, actually, and I would assume anyone with the name would be Jewish as well. I think its more about if you're okay with people assuming you are Jewish without asking, then go for it but yes, Taz is right, it could make people pause.
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    What is the risk, if you tell your name?

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    It's hard to know without actually knowing the name you are talking about. If you don't want to share the name maybe research the it's history, that should help you understand if it would be offensive.
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