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    Looking for suggestions to add to our list!

    We're planning names right now, and a boy's name has been chosen, but, we're polar opposites for girls names!

    My List: Vienna, Vivienne, Athena, Penelope, Florence, Beatrice, Kathleen, Celeste, Sylvie, Tallulah

    His List: Sophie, Lucy, Charlotte, Leah, Kayla, Coreena, Darcy, Keira, Aurelia, Violet

    as you can see, we have very different tastes, and our previous list of ones that we'd agreed on...that idea did NOT work out, LOL. I don't think we actually settled on anything that was 100% perfect for us to use!

    If we were to have a boy, he'd be named Bryson Paul nn Bryce

    our only restrictions are no names beginning with M, or the Ay sound (Ava, Ayla, etc) or names with Anna in them (Anna is a relative we don't particularly like, and do not want to have resemblance to her name at all). Last name will be Maynard Please suggest anything you think will suit Maynard (and our tastes) nicely!


    ~no babies yet, just in the planning stages~

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