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    My grandfathers are James and Allen. My husband's grandfather are Virgil and Herman and then his stepgrandfathers were Kenneth and Chandler. I did not realize that it was Chandler for a long time- when his grandma says it, she says, "Kan-laa"

    My brother named his son after my grandfather James and my grandpa said, "Why would you do that? A man should have a name of his own. And I hate my name."

    We really wanted to name our son after Herman, but- Herman! Thankfully, we found out that his middle name is Silas, so we used that for our son's middle name. Grandpa Herman was completely thrilled by this, which was a relief after my grandpa's reaction.

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    Girls: Elodie, Madeleine, Juliette, Samantha, Vivienne, Evelyn, Jocelyn & Genevieve
    Boys: Benjamin, Micah, Harrison, Jeremiah, Graham, Emerson, Owen & Lincoln

    Mommy to my sweet fur baby Moxie!

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    Grandfathers: Frank and Charles

    Great Grandfathers: Mason and Siarl
    My cherished daughter, Rowan Jane. ~b. 10/2011~

    Sawyer ~ Aven ~ Elowen ~ Sage ~ Eilonwy ~ Eleanor
    Morgan ~ Asher ~ ___ ~ ___ ~ Currently trying to fill the blanks...

    Trying for #2 in January 2014.

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    Maternal side - Hector
    Paternal side - Harold (Harry) Kingsley

    Great Grandpa's included Augustus (Gus) and Antonio.

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