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    We have a radio personality in Australia (Sydney) who named his son Wolfe. From memory his son would be about 4 now. I think it's very cute. Though he did name his subsequent daughter Kinga which I am definitely not a fan of! Though considering his name is Merrick he has probably quite used to having unusual names in his family.

    I actually like the spelling Wolfe bette than Wolf. It looks more like a "name" to me .
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    I think it could be a good nickname, but I personally would use it as a first name. I agree with the comment that, if you do choose to use it as a first name, Wolfe looks more like a name.

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    Probably better for most children in the middle spot would take a child with a big personality to pull it off for me

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    I don't think I would personally ever use it as a first (maybe a middle), but I think it kind of has an endearing quality to it. I like it better than other animal names like Bear, Hawk or Fox as examples.

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    I'm not big on animal names, so I probably wouldn't use it as a first name... it could be cute as a mn or nn... It would be usable, but I don't find it to be very wearable. I think of a Wolf as being athletic, handsome, outgoing, and strong. What if he's nerdy, weak, or effeminate? Then it's just ironic. Like I had a classmate in grad school named Spike who was quite nerdy, thin, and posh. His name was extremely ironic on him... to the point that everyone talked about it. Hence why it just seems easier to pull off as a mn.
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