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    Question Blog Response Photo?

    When I post in the forums, the avatar picture I uploaded appears, just as it always has. But since the redesign of the site, when I post a response to a blog post, a photo appears beside my user name. I don't recall uploading that photo to the site -- where did it come from? And can anyone advise me on how to change/remove it?

    Thank you!

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    Another user had the same problem... I could not figure it out. maybe they got it from your Facebook page? I suggest e-mail either Linda or Pam and maybe they could help you!
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    You guys see pictures next to your username in the comments section? All I ever see is the Nameberry logo.

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    Could it be that you signed up for Gravatar at some point? I know our blog comments are connected there so that if you posted a picture on Gravatar, it will follow you to our blog comments along with a lot of other places. Though this didn't just start happening with the redesign.

    And if anyone DOES want a nice picture or avatar to appear instead of that ubiquitous n for nameberry, please do go to Gravatar and sign up and it should appear automatically when you comment on the blog!
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    I posted about this before because I was having the same problem. Am I the only one seeing the picture, I wonder?

    I'd never heard of Gravatar, but I went to the website and checked it out, and it turns out it's linked to Wordpress, which I have an account with. I guess that's why it's showing up?

    I signed in to Gravatar through WordPress and deleted that picture from Gravatar. Hopefully that will fix it now.
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