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    My Idea, or His?

    My fiance and I have been discussing names, and, he thinks he's better at naming girls than I am. I want to put his theory to the test, so, we took our agreed top 25, and each picked out middle names for them. Which name combo would you pick, a) or b) for each? Please, no suggestions or negative comments on the first names! Thank you

    a) Jessica Louise Maynard
    b) Jessica Katherine Maynard

    a) Poppy Elizabeth Maynard
    b) Poppy Maria Maynard

    a) Charlotte Olivia Maynard
    b) Charlotte Grace Maynard

    a) Scarlett Jasmine Maynard
    b) Scarlett Alannah Maynard (Al-on-nah)

    a) Lola Isabelle Maynard
    b) Lola Alison Maynard

    a) Sienna Florence Maynard
    b) Sienna Annabelle Maynard

    a) Bethany Clare Maynard
    b) Bethany Hannah Maynard

    a) Keira Emily Maynard
    b) Keira London Maynard

    a) Kayla Danielle Maynard
    b) Kayla Audrey Maynard

    a) Darcy Eleanor Maynard
    b) Darcy Elizabeth Maynard

    a) India Catherine Maynard
    b) India Rachel Maynard

    a) Eden Victoria Maynard
    b) Eden Isabella Maynard

    a) Danielle Beatrice Maynard
    b) Danielle Vivien Maynard

    a) Nicola Grace Maynard
    b) Nicola Violet Maynard

    a) Morgan Noelle Maynard
    b) Morgan Vanessa Maynard

    a) Stella Rhiannon Maynard
    b) Stella Faith Maynard

    a) Serena Belle Maynard
    b) Serena Victoria Maynard

    a) Jenna Kathleen Maynard
    b) Jenna Louise Maynard

    a) Skylar Abigail Maynard
    b) Skylar Ruby Maynard

    a) Brooklyn Alexis Maynard
    b) Brooklyn Harper Maynard

    a) Harper Jayne Maynard
    b) Harper Autumn Maynard

    a) Jordyn Leigh Maynard
    b) Jordyn Lydia Maynard

    a) Delaney Anne Maynard
    b) Delaney Elise Maynard

    a) Celeste Elise Maynard
    b) Celeste Adriana Maynard

    a) Danica Paige Maynard
    b) Danica Evelyn Maynard

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    I answered about 75% of them a. The b ones just didn't have the right flow for me most of the time.

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