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    Feeling Unsure

    I know, i know.... I freak out every month and every month it is a fake out! But yet again here is another month and here I am again! Please humor me :/

    Shortest period I've ever had. First day was June 3rd, and it was over by the morning of June 5th. Two full days. Regular flow. June 9th I started having severe nausea. I've had it off and on since then. It gets bad in the morning, goes away, and comes in waves through out the day. I have weird cravings. Thinking of eating anything cooked or hot makes me feel sick. All I had yesterday was toast and a smoothie. And even though I felt sick, a Swiss roll cake sounded good and sat fine!

    I am moody, exhausted, anxious, and just sort of feel generally weak at random points through out the day. Could it be possible? Does this sound familiar to anyone? I thought maybe I was getting the stomach flu. But it hasn't gotten worse, I have no fever, and like I said it comes in waves!

    I know everyone will just say that I should test! And i probably will tomorrow morning. But does this sound familiar to anyone's experiences?


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