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    Finding Out Gender For Firstborn

    What do you think? On the one hand I think I'd love to know and have those few months before they're born to prepare for a girl/boy. Plus then you can get all the adorable super cute little boy or little girl clothes/nursery accessories. On the other hand, it seems like it would be so exciting to wait until they're born- especially for your first! And such a fun surprise for family as well. What do you think?

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    I don't yet have children, but I know my parents waited to find out and used all gender neutral decorations and toys for the nursery. I would wait, just for the surprise and especially for the first!
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    Personally, I enjoyed finding out. No big reason, I'm just impatient and didn't want to wait.

    I think for some, waiting to find out can be fun. The only argument for waiting I don't agree with is that knowing takes away the excitement at birth...seriously, you're going to be over the moon excited to meet him/her whether you know or not! From friends' experiences, I also think that if you have any preference/leaning whatsoever for a boy or girl, it's probably smart to find out so you can have the second half of your pregnancy to be crazy excited about having a [the opposite of your preference].
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    I loved waiting for the surprise with all mine except this one, we were told by mistake - and knowing has been a big disappointment for me this time. it won't ruin meeting my baby, but it does ruin part of the excitement of pg for me.

    I think you can prepare for a baby without having to buy pink and blue (which are a bit boring IMO anyway). Newborns don't need dresses or boy's clothes, they're wasted on them as they are uncomfortable, difficult to put on and plain silly IMO when you're at home most of the time. Better to buy bright or fun patterned babygros and then once they're born and a bit older splurge on proper clothes they'll actually wear.
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    I like the idea of waiting...but I don't think I could stand the suspense.

    What about a compromise? I don't know if anyone here has done this before, but you and your partner could keep the secret (gender/name) until the baby is born. That way your family will be surprised!

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