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    At my after school that I help teach during the school year, we have:
    Dustyn (a boy)

    That's all I can think of off the top of my head but some of the names in general are bad, these are just interesting spellings.
    Had our Emilia in April 2014

    My name is Caroline, BeatrixDaisy is just a name I like!

    My favorite names need to be updated LOL

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    All of these are hilarious! Until I heard poor Jawn's spelling, the worst I'd encountered was a high school boyfriend called Cori. Not that it's too bad on the surface (perhaps a bit feminine) but that his parents called him that because it's IROC backwards, after the car race & type of vehicle model his dad drove. Sigh.
    Latest list:

    Girl: Emilia, Navy
    Boy: Franklin, Gage

    Mommy to one sweet little boy who I loved naming Lennox Andrew Michael

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