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    baby girl Macaire

    What do you think of the name Macaire for a little girl? (MAH-care)

    We're looking for something traditional but different. This is a male saint's name and a city name in France that I'm thinking is nice for a girl. My husband and I are both Irish-American from Irish families. Every time I've mentioned this idea, they lean in a little and squint their eyes a bit for a second, then ask me to "please say that again?" I think that's a nice way of letting me know this one is a little "too different"

    Thanks for your thoughts and honesty!

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    I'm not a big fan of that name, sorry.

    Have you considered using a traditional Irish name? There are many that would be unusual in the US, yet still have history behind them and would honor your Irish roots.

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    I really like Mc names, so I really love it!
    Yes, love Macaire! So unusual, but the.sounds familiar, especially with Karen, Cara and Charis
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    Hmmmm - not too sure I am afraid - sounds a bit medicinal to me - a treatment for something.......But yes - there are so many lovely Irish names out there.

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    I am probably biased because I knew a Macare a while ago, pronounced the same. She was a doll--so sweet and smart and one of the popular girls. I actually think it's a really cool name.
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