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    Need help with boy name please...any suggestions?!?

    I am pregnant with a baby boy due end of July. My husband and I still haven't agreed on a name, so frustrating! Our surname is Kress. Some that we have came up with are Connor, Hudson, Declan but cannot agree on one. We like Jackson, but i think too common for first name. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    Connor Kress has too many C/K and R sounds. Hudson and Declan are both nice, but have entirely different feelings. Hudson feels very sporty, boyish, and outdoorsy to me. Declan is boyish, but a bit less rugged and maybe slightly more introverted. I'd especially avoid names ending in a C/K sound (it will slur, like Jack Kress will become Jackress) and a S sound (rhymes)... I'd also go for a name that is not 1 syllable, as it would be too choppy with the 1 syllable Kress...

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