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    Feeling like I've been over every name in the book.. please help!

    I'm due with baby #3 in November. My husband and I rarely talk about names (not his thing, but oh he'll put his vetoes in with no problem), and if we ever do it's usually boys' names we discuss. We don't have a name picked out but from our conversations I can tell we'll get to a boys' name without too much stress. Girls' names on the other hand- forget it! I'm trying to be an open book and not put myself into any specific style. My stepson's name is Mason and my daughter is Brenna, so although I love some traditional names I don't think we can go TOO classic without sounding mismatched.

    The only other part of the name that is necessary is that it be somehow Irish. Would love an Irish or Irish/American first but thats seeming very tough! I would totally use a non-Irish first name with an Irish middle as long as the first name didn't sound decidedly Italian or another nationality (Isabella, etc..)

    After going every which way in style I recently started to love the name Tara. I felt it went with the other children's names and although it may not be anything "special" I think it's very pretty and you would never hear of a newborn little Tara these days. I thought it could be the one before my husband's immediate response was "It's nice but I would always think of a girl named Tara that I dated." Ughhh! If anyone gets where I'm going with all this babbling, pleeease help

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    What about Deidra/Deidre? It's Irish. And not too overly feminine. I think it would work with Mason and Brenna. Another possible idea could be Keely.

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    Hmm, I like Tara. As for Irish name, I would suggest Ashlynn or Aisling, Cassidy, Kathleen or Caitlin, Maeve, Rowan and Erin.
    With Brenna and Mason I think Cora/Cara, Lydia, Iris or Sienna will go good.
    Putting an Irish name into middle spot will be a nod to your roots.
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    I think Deirdre (while I personally like it) is too traditional/old-fashioned compared to Mason and Brenna. Keely fits with the style of the other names much better. Ashlyn, Reagan, Delaney, Shea, Riley, Keira, even Caitlin or Erin seem closer in style than Deirdre. If you like Tara, maybe Darah/Dara would work? It means oak tree.

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    Oh, I like the suggestions of Cassidy and Rowan, too, with your sibset.

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