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    How do you get over a name's popularity and just use it?

    A couple of days ago, I was pondering just how popular the name Ruby might end up in 10 years. But, I was already well aware of where it might be headed. A girl can still dream though. My new question is: How do you get over how popular a name is and bestow it on a child? Do you find other alternatives? Help please!
    Thanks in advance!
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    I honestly think, if you've loved a name for a long time and it suddenly became popular, you should still use it. You loved it for a reason, not because it's popular and therefore cool. The fact that other people have started to like it, too, doesn't change that.

    My BFF has always loved the name Liam for a boy. Before she found out what she was having, she was telling me she was really worried about what she would name the baby if it was a boy because Liam was here favorite, but she couldn't use it anymore. I thought that was ridiculous! She had a daughter, so it ended up not matering, but I really don't think someone should have to settle for a name they don't love just because of popularity.

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    When I get hung up on popularity, I always think how much the definition of popular has changed since the days of Jennifer. Names aren't nearly as concentrated as they once were. And what's more important--giving a child a name you love, and think she'll love, or trying to outname everyone else? Don't let Ruby go!
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    Think about a long time ago--perhaps two hundred years or so ago, and the kind of names then. Most women were Marys, Sarahs, Elizabeths, Annes, Abigails, get the picture. Things have changed so much since then! If you like Ruby, then use it!

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