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Thread: Cal and Nate

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    Cal and Nate

    I love both of these nicknames for boys, but husband hates all the full names that go with them. Any other names you can think of that are shortened to Cal or Nate?

    We have:
    Caledon (like in titanic)
    Caleb (even though its pronounced differently, Cal could still work for this name I think)

    not many for this one, and of the two he and I both prefer Nathaniel.
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    I like Calvin a lot, and love Caleb. Actually the Caleb I know goes almost exclusively by Cal, so it definitely works. As for longer forms of Nate, I like Nathan. Maybe you'd like Jonathan (bit of a stretch, but it does have -nathan in it), or Ignatius?

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    Callen, Callahan, Calder?

    Ignatius is a great idea for Nate!
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    Callister is my abosolute favorite Cal name! Others I considered are Calbert and Malcolm (a bit of a strech but I think it would work). Calloway is another that would work. Here's an article with suggustions of full names for Cal,
    I love the pp suggustion of Jonathan for Nate. Sorry I can't think of any other ideas for Nate.
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    I know a Renato! Would that work as a longer for Nate?

    As far as for Cal, what about Calahan, Calloway, Pascal, or McCallister?

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