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    Hi all, thanks for your feedback! I agree that Isla and Tobias is a little hard to say, but my husband loves it. Jules is after his Favourite writer (Jules Verne), but I was also thinking Tobias Nathaniel (middle to honor my grandfather). I think that has a much better flow. Another boys name I was looking at is Charlie...our surname starts with Chu..thought it sounded kinda cute, but might also sound a little naff? Other girls we are considering are Phoebe (husband doesn't like much), Annabel, Freya, Ginevra (N/N Ginny-husband LOVES this, me, not so much). Any further thoughts? Thanks!

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    Love Isla and Phoebe! Annabel is a little too long next to Isla, and Freya is too similar. I agree that Ginerva is not the best, but as alternatives, what about Minerva (nn Minnie), Geneva (you could still use Ginny), or Eve? Also, Rose was a love of Jules Verne-- Isla and Rose work well together.

    Characters from Jules Verne novels that might work:

    Isla and

    Bess (The Green Ray)
    Edith (Golden Volcano)
    Jane (Golden Volcano)

    Hans (Journey to the Center of the Earth)
    Jasper (Fur Country)
    Louis (A Winter Amid the Ice)
    Grant (Children of Captain Grant)
    Perry (North Against South)
    Phineas (love this one)-- corruption to Phileas (Around the World in 80 Days)
    Sydney (Chase of the Golden Meteor)

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