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    Pronouncing Yael

    Hi Berries,

    I have heard the name Yael pronounced two ways: yale and Ya-Elle. Does anyone know which one is the proper Hebrew pronunciation?


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    I've only heard it pronounced Ya-elle and it seems like the proper pronunciation for me.

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    I think ya-elle is the proper one.

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    I agree with the Ya-elle pronunciation.

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    Hebrew pronunciation is yah-ELLE. Emphasis on second syllable. A lot of Hebrew names are accent on the second syllable.

    I love Yael. I also grew up knowing a couple (Jewish) girls named Jael who still pronounced it yah-ELLE, but Jael seems to get a hard J at least sometimes in other less Hebrew-heavy settings so I would probably use the Y. Even though aesthetically I like a soft J like I do in a number of Spanish girls' names.

    Yale would be a totally different name to me. And not one I like as much.

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