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    H and I have been planning on naming a future son, Parks Benjamin, since we were dating. Now that we are 4 weeks from my due date with a boy, I have been reconsidering this big time.

    What do you think of the name Parks Benjamin?
    What would you think if you heard the name Parks on the playground?
    What kind of a boy comes to mind when you think of that name?

    It is H's great-great grandfather's name, and I liked it from the moment I saw it, but thinking about having a real live child with that name...I just don't know.

    Other names we've considered are Levi Michael and Benjamin Michael.

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    The combination flow is great and I love family names! I will admit that when I hear Parks I immediately think......and recreations.

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    Ok, I will admit that Parks is a bit out there... and like boyandgirl, I also thought "and Recreation", but if it's a meaningful family name, then go for it. It's a really great thing to have a connection to one's ancestors. Moreover, Benjamin as a mn gives him a fall back name, in case he's just not into Parks. Naturally, I think of an outdoorsy boy with a comic streak.
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    It sounds to me kind of like a nn for Parker (not a bad thing). I think Parks is really cute!

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    To me, it sounds ultra-preppy/yuppy/maybe with a touch of hipster. But I also agree with pp's that if it's a family name and it's very special to you or your hubby, then go with it anyway.

    It does sound like you're having some real hesitation though now that it's almost time for baby to arrive so I think it's great to consider other options too - you don't want to end up having a re-naming crisis 6 months after he's born if it can be avoided! I say be sure to say the name out loud a lot for a few days, pretend you're introducing your son to people, and see how that feels. Saying names out loud can be a lot different than just saying them in your head. Maybe ask a very close friend or family member, whose opinion you really care about, for feedback as well. Good luck!

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