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Thread: George

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    Thanks so much for all the feedback! I think George Samuel is my favorite.

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    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    I really like George! Mainly because of the connection to George Harrison of The Beatles, but some people might not like that... I love it, though. I think it's underused. George Samuel is my favorite!
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    I like George Sidney from your choices, and I love George Sebastian from the suggestions from other posters.

    George is a great choice.

    George Sawyer
    George Saxon
    George Seamus
    George Starling
    George Sterling
    George Sylvester
    George Sigfried

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    What about George Samuel Arthur?

    At first, I suggested George Arthur Samuel but then noticed the poor kid's initials were GAS.

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    I'd say go with Sidney in the middle, it's the most direct way of honoring, and it's a solid and underused gem. Samuel would work too and is also a nice name, but it seems like such an indirect way to honor someone, but that's just my own personal naming preference.
    As for George, I actually don't like it at all, it has always had a very funny sound to me (despite it's historical importance). It's always had a 'goofy' feel to it to me (perhaps partially because the only George I've ever known-in-person was one of the 'goofiest' people I've ever known, but even without that it still seems a bit 'goofy' to my ear.)

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