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Thread: Owl names

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    Owl names

    Can anyone think of any names meaning "owl" that don't sound terrible...or names closely related to owls? Thanks!

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    Nascha means owl in Navajo. Athena might work because owls were one of her symbols. They represent wisdom, so any name meaning knowledge would work. Veda, Talib, Aleem, Ismene, Gyan...
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    Bewitching Names did a feature about this:

    I hope this helps!
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    I once met a girl called Tawny

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    Alba, Umbra, Otus, Nyctea, Ulula, Athene/Athena, Noctua, and Acadius are all parts of scientific names for different species of owls. Also Bubo, but anyone seriously considering naming their child Bubo needs to be high-fived in the face.

    According to some sources one of the meanings for the name Lilith is also "screech owl", which is something I'm considering.

    I also went to google translate and got these:
    Sova (means owl in Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech and a bunch of other languages)
    Chouette (means owl in French)
    Bundi (means owl in Swahili, although might be mistaken for Bundy, like the serial killer)

    I looooove owls, they are my favorite animal, so this thread is giving me lots of options
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