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    Shakespeare aside, Beatrice and Benedict are absolutely darling as siblings.

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    I immediately think of the couple - but the names do sound lovely together!

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    I pretty much agree with everyone -- Bea & Ben sound so cute.

    P.S In the Sims 2, Beatrice & Benedick are recreated as children... and they're siblings ^-^
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    Maybe more people wouldn't get the pair, but it leapt at me immediately. I definitely wouldn't do it, even though I love each name individually. I mean, if you were naming a pair of dogs or cats, I would love it (have actually thought about naming two cats this because BF will not entertain Beatrice as a name for a child, and Much Ado is my fave Shakespeare play). But on human babies, I find this lovely pairing a little creepy/cutesy. Sorry!

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    I've never known the correlation between these two names and that play. And to be honest, not a whole lot of people would. If they ask, say "Oh, really? I didn't know that." Simple as that! Instead what came up for me immediately was Benedict Arthur, but Benedict also belonged to a Pope and other interesting people throughout history that I think it's livable. If people can get away naming their sons Judas or Jude, why not Benedict?

    Beatrice and Benedict are really cute together. They're different, classy, unique, just a lot of things. Beatrice is catching a lot these days, and I'm not a huge fan of it, but its darling with Benedict, which I think is a great alternative to Benjamin!

    I think I'd like Beatrice Katherine and Benedict Edward. I really don't recommend using Benedict with Arthur, obviously.

    I also like Benedict with Theodore and Ignatius--they really make sense!
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