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    I'm not sold on them. I'm not a Shakespeare fan and i didn't catch the association, but I would hesitate (even without that), the obvious nicknames of bea and Ben sounding so similar to each other. Imagine calling them through the house and it not being clear who is called.

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    I like them both and think they go well together. I don't think that most people know Shakespeare enough to be concerned about the link. You could also move these 2 names to the middle though.

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    Oh, I don't know. I adore the name Benedict, and it does sound great with Beatrice.
    I do think Benedick and Beatrice would be a bit much. Too matchy, though not precisely creepy.

    As long as you or the kid can believably give a puzzled look and say, "No of course not, that was Beatrice and Benedick, not Benedict" when someone brings it up you might be okay. As if it's just odd they'd think that two similar names are the same.

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    Well Much Ado About Nothing was the first thing that came into my head, even though it's Benedict instead of Benedick. That makes it a bit weird to me, but it doesn't creep me out. I can't imagine most people would even make the connection.
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    Not a Shakespeare keener by any stretch but these names immediately made me think of the couple from much ado about nothing. i think its odd for siblings, yeah,
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