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    I love the names Annalyse and Liliana too - Annie and Lily are really sweet nn too.

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    Audrey June is my favorite on your list and I think it is perfect with Ava Daisy. I also like Liliana June and Alice June. The others seem to overpower Ava.
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    I liked Alice June the best straight away. It's simple, sweet and not over the top compared to Ava Daisy. Next I like Liliana June.

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    If you don't mind starting an A theme, I really think Audrey June is great. I also really love Vanessa and Vivienne. And it would be cute to tie the names together with the V. I don't think those longer names necessarily overpower Ava. Even though Ava is only 3 letters, it still has two syllables and the strong V sound. I love Ava Daisy BTW

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    I agree with pp about Vivienne... I like that the girls would have different initials yet are tied together with the letter 'V'. I slightly prefer Vivian and Ava second choice would be Vanessa... Also gorgeous with Ava Nd my third choice Liliana. Other suggestions of 'v' names
    Valentine June
    Valentina June
    Valeria June
    Violet June
    Vita June
    Lavinia June

    Also floral suggestions to compliment Ava Daisy
    Violet June
    Lavender June
    Rosie June
    Rosalie June
    Lily June
    Primrose June

    My favourites from Above are Violet and Valentina... I love Lavender too because its so unexpected with Ava yet ties nicely due to the V sound! Ava Daisy and Rosie June are pretty adorable too!

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