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    How important are the meaning of names to you?

    My husband's late mother was called Cecily which is such a pretty name and I had always thought that it would be nice to include in one of the names of our little girl. But the meaning of the name is Blind so I just can't bring myself to use it.......

    Then there is Elodie - a lovely French sounding name which is name of a Saint. But this was a saint that was beheaded at a young age in a really gruesome manner!

    Am I thinking too much about the meanings of the name or do you feel the same?

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    To me, it doesn't matter much. I love Cecelia/Cecilia...and don't care if it means blind. It's not like the name is going to define what kind of child you have.

    I'm sure if you look hard enough, there will be a negative connotation to every name. Should people stop choosing the name "Charles" for their kids because of the killer Charles Manson? I don't think so. For every negative thing against the name, there will always be lots of positives. Think of it that way.

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    I think it's because my middle name is an Indian name meaning Moonlight - I loved the meaning and I loved that my parents gave it to their only daughter - it was nice when telling people that :-)

    But I see your point - for every negatives, there are many positives.

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    I actually love Cecilia's meaning. It derives from a really old Roman family name meaning blind; Cecilia actually means the way of the blind, which always makes me think of kindness, guided paths and a deeper understanding of the senses. And the there's the patron saint of music.

    Most saints were killed and tortured in pretty horrific ways, that's how they became saints, so unless you want to scratch all those names off... Try to focus on the positive things. Just because something bad's happened to someone shouldn't define their whole persona and history.
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    IMO, meaning is important when naming children, but not necessarily the meaning listed in baby name books. I think personal significance is most important. So, in your case, you like the sound of Cecily and it's a name that honors a family member. I would use it. Nameberry might say it means "blind", but to your family it means your husband's late mother and all of her wonderful qualities.

    I named my daughter Maura. The meaning listed for it is something like "sea of bitterness". I don't even understand what that means. We chose it because we like it and because it honors my husband's Irish heritage and Catholic faith; it is an Irish version of the name Mary. Should everyone just stop using all versions of the name Mary because it means "bitter"? I think that would be ridiculous. It's an important and significant name to many people, so I don't think the "definition" matters at all.

    Also, if using a Saint name has significance to you, don't worry about how they died. A lot of the Saints suffered horrific deaths because they were persecuted for their faith. However, it was Saint Alodia who was beheaded. The name Elodie is related to the name Alodia, but it wasn't the saint's name. She was Spanish. The name itself means "riches".

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