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    Red face A whole different list of short and strong names

    I was looking through a baby names book today and wrote down the short, strong, Latin, Greek, and German names that stuck out to me. I'd love to here your thoughts on these and any additional names you can come up with.

    Last name is H€nk€n, it is North German and Dutch: patronymic from H€nk€. So it's from the name H€inrich (Germany) or Johann (Dutch). Siblings are: Rex - (Latin) King and Troy (English/Gaelic/Greek) a person from the city of Troyes in France/ Son of a footsoldier/ the ancient city that was besieged by the Greeks in Homer's 'Iliad'

    Newest ideas:

    Adler - (German) Resembling a soaring eagle
    **I had never heard this name before. It's probably a surname, which I'm not a huge fan of, but it sounds kind of cool. I don't know that it passes the "yelling out the back door" test though.

    Ajax - (Greek) In mythology, a hero of the Trojan War
    **Yes I know about the cleaner, but I only think mythology when I hear this name. I think it's awesome. I don't know if we could pull it off though.**

    Archer - (Latin) A skilled bowman
    **Sounds cool and like it might be a good fit. It's not that popular now, but it jumped leaps and bounds from 2011-2012. I'm not a fan of that.**

    Braun - (German) Having great strength
    **This and Dean might be the only two names that end in -n and actually don't sound horrible with our last name.**

    Chester (nn Chet) - (Latin) From the camp of the soldiers
    **My DH mentioned Chet 3yrs ago and I laughed about it being a 1980's heartthrob name. I kind of like it now.**

    Conrad - (German) A brave and bold ruler; a bold advisor
    **It just sounds so cool. Not the best with Rex and Troy though.**

    Crew - (Latin) Of the Chariot
    **There's actually a little boy in our homeschool soccer group named Crew. At first I wasn't too sure about it but its really grown on me. And the meaning helps.**

    Eric - (Scandinavian) Ever the ruler
    **I know it's Scandinavian and somewhat old school, but I like it.**

    Greer - (Greek) A form of Gregory. One who is vigilant; watchful
    **It's different, theres no nickname, sounds strong**

    Miles/Milo - (German/Latin) One who is merciful/ A soldier
    **I know this one has been shot down multiple times but I just can't get over it. Every time I see it I think it's a good option.**

    Paris - (English/Greek) Man from the city in France/ in mythology, the prince of Troy who abducted Helen
    **Why does this have to be a girls name now? I think it could make a great name for a boy.**

    These names are from my other threads/lists that I'm keeping in the running:

    Victor (nn Vic or Vico) - (Latin) One who is victorious; the champion

    Dean - (English/Latin) From the valley, a church official/ from the Middle English deen (ultimately from Latin decanus meaning "chief of ten")

    Bram and Wade - I'm keeping them in there just because I like them. But I don't feel that strongly connected to them.
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    Any input this morning? I know I'm off my rocker a little, but you all want to indulge me. Don't you?

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    I love love Adler, hadn't heard it before. My favorite of those you are now considering.

    I wasn't here for the conversation re Miles/ Milo, but I have loved both these names for a long time. Milo sounds a little better with your other boys, but is maybe too on trend for some ppl?

    Archer is also very nice.

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    Adler - a nice name, a little awkward for me to say... It is also a kind of tree (black Adler)

    Ajax - not my favorite on your list

    Archer - very strong name

    Braun - not a favorite, reminds me of the word or paper towels

    Chester (nn Chet) - I like it, but I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to use it

    Conrad - nice, strong name

    Crew - nice, but I prefer other names on your list

    Eric - my favorite so far from your list, handsome and strong

    Greer - nice, strong name

    Miles/Milo - I like Miles and Milo, both great choices

    Paris - sorry, can't see this on a boy unfortunately

    Victor (nn Vic or Vico) - love this with Rex and Troy!

    Dean - one of my favorites

    Bram and Wade - Nice names but I feel you have better choices on your list

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    Newest ideas:

    Adler - I think of "addled", like to have a mental problem.
    Ajax - I like this except for the cleaner... that is the first thing that comes to mind. I don't like Rex and Ajax both ending with -x.
    Archer - (Latin)- Absolutely love this. This goes well with your surname, and sounds amazing with Rex and Troy.
    Braun - (German) Don't like the -n -n with your surname.
    Chester (nn Chet) - Just doesn't fit with your other boys, as it feels very nerdy and preppy.
    Conrad - (German) I actually love this with Rex and Troy... it has the same testosterone level...
    Crew - Much too preppy to fit with Rex and Troy, imho. It makes his brothers sound manly... and him just very posh and preppy.
    Eric - (Scandinavian) Ever- Too old school for me... I prefer Leif.
    Greer - (Greek) A form of Gregory. One This one would go well...
    Miles/Milo - (German/Latin) One who is merciful/ A soldier- This is good, but once again so week sounding with Troy and Rex.
    Paris - (English/Greek) Man from the city in France/ in mythology, the prince of Troy who abducted Helen This could have been a great name for a boy... but not now. It would especially stand out with Rex and Troy. I'd assume he was their sister.

    My top names to this point:
    1. Archer... Just amazing. I wouldn't worry about the popularity. Even if you choose a name that's obscure now, there's no way to be sure it won't be popular in the future...
    2. Victor... also very good
    3. Conrad... not Classical, but still pretty cool...
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