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    Quote Originally Posted by lemonthistle View Post
    I love love Adler, hadn't heard it before. My favorite of those you are now considering.

    I wasn't here for the conversation re Miles/ Milo, but I have loved both these names for a long time. Milo sounds a little better with your other boys, but is maybe too on trend for some ppl?

    Archer is also very nice.
    I thought Adler was kind of cool too. Milo is my pick as well, but even though it has a strong meaning the sound of the name is softer
    I'm liking Archer.

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    Adler - a nice name, a little awkward for me to say... It is also a kind of tree (black Adler)

    - I find it somewhat awkward to say as well. Especially compared to Rex and Troy.

    Ajax - not my favorite on your list

    Archer - very strong name

    - this is becoming one of my favorites

    Braun - not a favorite, reminds me of the word or paper towels

    - I didn't even think of that last night. I see it though.

    Chester (nn Chet) - I like it, but I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to use it

    - that's how I feel

    Conrad - nice, strong name

    - I agree

    Crew - nice, but I prefer other names on your list

    Eric - my favorite so far from your list, handsome and strong

    - I thought so too

    Greer - nice, strong name

    Miles/Milo - I like Miles and Milo, both great choices

    Paris - sorry, can't see this on a boy unfortunately

    - I know

    Victor (nn Vic or Vico) - love this with Rex and Troy!

    - me too

    Dean - one of my favorites

    Bram and Wade - Nice names but I feel you have better choices on your list[/QUOTE]

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    Newest ideas:

    Adler - I think of "addled", like to have a mental problem.
    - gotcha

    Ajax - I like this except for the cleaner... that is the first thing that comes to mind. I don't like Rex and Ajax both ending with -x.
    - I hear ya. I like the name Felix too, but it has the -x too

    Archer - (Latin)- Absolutely love this. This goes well with your surname, and sounds amazing with Rex and Troy.
    - I agree! I'm loving this one right now

    Braun - (German) Don't like the -n -n with your surname.
    - I agree

    Chester (nn Chet) - Just doesn't fit with your other boys, as it feels very nerdy and preppy.
    - I agree

    Conrad - (German) I actually love this with Rex and Troy... it has the same testosterone level...
    - I agree! It sounds so strong!

    Crew - Much too preppy to fit with Rex and Troy, imho. It makes his brothers sound manly... and him just very posh and preppy.
    - lol! I see where you're coming from

    Eric - (Scandinavian) Ever- Too old school for me... I prefer Leif.
    - it is old school. But I feel like you don't hear too many little ones with this name.

    Greer - (Greek) A form of Gregory. One This one would go well...
    - But?

    Miles/Milo - (German/Latin) One who is merciful/ A soldier- This is good, but once again so week sounding with Troy and Rex.
    - I know. And I agree. I need to just say goodbye to this one.

    Paris - (English/Greek) Man from the city in France/ in mythology, the prince of Troy who abducted Helen This could have been a great name for a boy... but not now. It would especially stand out with Rex and Troy. I'd assume he was their sister.
    - I know

    My top names to this point:
    1. Archer... Just amazing. I wouldn't worry about the popularity. Even if you choose a name that's obscure now, there's no way to be sure it won't be popular in the future...
    - I misspoke about the popularity in my original post. Even though it rose 46 places from 2011-2012 it still only ranks at 404

    2. Victor... also very good

    3. Conrad... not Classical, but still pretty cool...

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    Quote Originally Posted by emsky View Post
    Ajax and Braun unfortunately remind me of paper towels and cleaning products (altho Ajax is a cute pet name). Paris and Crew I just do not like. Eric is a fine name but seems too plain/mainstream.

    Archer and Milo are old favorites of mine, but my favorite of the new ones is Greer--super handsome! Victor, Dean and Bram are solid choices too.
    Yeah, Ajax and Braun would probably not be good sibling names

    I'm liking Greer too. There's just something about it I like.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    Adler reminds me of the adjective addled! Please don't go for that one. I think Archer is great with your other boys' names. Conrad is really good too!
    Favorites for future baby:
    Thomas Cyprian and Lucy Rebecca

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