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Thread: Name Dilemma

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    Name Dilemma

    We are Expecting our first little girl mid August and we have a big problem.
    My boyfriend and I can't decide on a name. If I like a name, he doesn't like it and the other way around.
    I want a unique name. No Sophia or Emma ( even though those are very nice names )
    I also want it to show her background. My bf is Filipino and I am German. But I also want a name isn't to complicated to spell or pronounce. I don't want her to always have to correct other people about her name.
    I am spending so much time on the Internet looking for names but I always see the same names. I already read about a few names on this website that I kinda like and I will keep looking around.
    But does anyone have any good ideas?

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    Do you have any top runners?

    I know a little 1/2 filipino girl named kihana (i think that is the spelling) "key-on-ah" ... its very pretty.

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    It is very pretty!
    I don't really have any top runners but while looking through the board I saw a few names I liked.
    Like Riley or Maeve. My boyfriend likes Kayla which I just really don't like at all.
    I don't think our baby girl will ever actually get a name.

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