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    Exception to a nameberry rule?

    I know that a lot of berries are really passionate about not giving a little girl a traditionally masculine name, but hear me out!

    My great grandmother was an amazing woman. Strong, artistic, creative, bold, funny...lots of things you'd want to pass along to your daughter so I really want to name a future daughter after her. Also, it would mean a lot to my grandmother. The hard part of this is that her name was Ollie Montgomery. Ollie is not short for anything and she had no middle name.

    So for a long time I'd thought I'd use Montgomery as a middle name, but the recent post about last names as first names got me thinking. I know lots of people don't like that either, but I am totally falling in love with the combination Montgomery Ann V______. We would call her Maggie (but I'm open to suggestions on the nickname).

    So what do you think? Could Montgomery Ann to honor a family member with a feminine nickname be the exception to the nameberry rule?

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    Montgomery is a surname, traditionally used on men, but I think it's totally fine and you should use it since it's obviously very meaningful to you.
    Montgomery nn Maggie is great, or Montgomery nn Merry!

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    Oh Merry is cute! I hadn't thought about that.

    And yay for one vote that its ok!

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    Hrm...let's see...
    If I were in this situation, I'd pick a longer form of Ollie - Olive, Olivia, Olesia, etc. I always reserve surnames for boys.

    But I'm not in this situation, and I agree Montgomery has a great meaning for you. And at least Montgomery has the "ee" sound at the end. But here's the problem: nicknames are uncontrollable. As much as you may call her Maggie, teachers, friends, and co-workers are going to read, "Montgomery" off official documents. Your little girl might decide she likes Montgomery over Maggie to make things easier, and then she'd end up being Monty. Be sure you like Montgomery on a girl as much as Maggie or any other nickname you may assign.

    Overall, I would recommend saving Montgomery for a boy and using some form of Ollie instead. Even Ollie itself has a much more feminine spunk to it than Montgomery.
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    It's a surname, and a family surname at that, so I think it's fine. I'm not really a fan of the sound, but to each his own. Maggie is sweet and distinctly feminine, so she has that to go by if she doesn't like Montgomery.

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